We provide content and copy that make a difference to clients from all sectors and sizes. We aim to stand out, not just fit in, and we want that for you too.

Our work breaks through the noise, in pursuit of differentiation. We also work with other offices, as consultants.

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Epik™ is a Copywriting and Content Creation boutique agency, founded by Christie Hawking.

Our main expertise ↓

Technical Content Writing

Technical content does not have to be boring and only understood by the experts. Anything can be understood if written in a simple, clear, and concise manner. We strive to create engaging technical content, that makes your project more effective and easier to grasp.
Quality-led ↓

Goals we achieve

Generate qualified leads
Content plays a powerful role in helping your project generate qualified leads. You can attract visitors to your website, educate and engage them with blog content, capture their contact information as they download valuable gated content, and then nurture them via email. This approach builds a sales pipeline full of educated, qualified leads who are primed to become your best customers.

Thought leadership
As you continue publishing content that your target audience finds valuable and helpful, you can elevate the personal brands of individuals in your company and solidify your company's position as a thought leader in your industry. This enhances your credibility, and helps you build trust with your audience.

Work guidelines

Sister brands working together ↓
With our two brands, we can help your project move forward faster & better.

We also believe collaboration fosters innovation, pushing our clients further.

Atomik™ Studio

Helps brands grow, share their vision and overcome challenges with creative Design that cuts through the noise.

Epik™ Copywriting & Content Creation

Start growing your project with website copy, blogs, marketing copy, sales copy, & more.
We believe in the power of strong ideas that make a real difference.

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Epik™ is the sister brand of Atomik™, a Graphic Design & Branding studio.
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